Control field that records not to send notification to authors


In OJS 3, when a reviewer or an editor take a decision and checks the box for sending or not sending notification to the authors, it would be useful to have a field in DB that records it.
Indeed, this would be especially helpful when he checks the box for not sending notification to the authors to have a control field in the DB that he did it on purpose.

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As I didn’t have answers to my questions yet, I allow myself to ask again my question.
I would like to know if this might be on a list of features to be considered to add a field in the DB that would record that notifications has been sent or not sent to the authors?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi @hcl,

I haven’t considered this in depth, but broadly speaking, there’s a risk that good ideas for small functional improvements, taken individually, will accumulate in a way that makes the software and user interface overly complex. (This happened in OJS 2.x and correcting it was one of the main influences on OJS 3.x.)

I think the submission event log, which also gives access to all emails related to a submission, would be a good place to determine whether a notification had been sent.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team