$context->getBySetting() for OJS 2.4: backport from 3.0, or hook existing 2.4 functionality?

The master branch has a getBySetting() function in ContextDAO which I would like in JournalDAO in OJS 2.4.

The closest function in OJS 2.4 is the JournalDAO’s $search* parameters in getJournals(), which doesn’t actually appear to be used anywhere in the lastest dev.

I think I would lean toward porting a copy of getBySetting() into 2.4’s JournalDAO and marking the $search* parameters of getJournals() as deprecated. This might be confusing however, because it would not be a true backport of the ContextDAO - just stealing some of ContextDAO’s functionality.

I could also extend the $search* parameters of getJournals() to be a bit more flexible (ala getBySetting()) but that seems to head in the wrong direction.


Hi @ctgraham,

Agreed, I think back-porting that function would be an easy and future-proof approach.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team