Consideration in Upgrading OJS from 3.0.2 into

Hi everyone,

I want to upgrade My OJS version 3.0.2 into, I’m afraid there is data loss or any configuration related to workflow is gone from my OJS site, So I want to ask the safe way to upgrade my OJS version.

This post mention that to do that I must switch like to jump and jump to another version to do it. It is like there is some huge process behind upgrading the version.

So, my question is, how do I really do it? how is the process of upgrading the OJS site version from 3.0.2 into without losing any data or configuration that has been done on the website?

I will Back up it First and do it on the development site. So, please, anyone, help me in explaining how to do it step by step, this may help another person who is currently want to do the same.

I will be really grateful if anyone could help me in doing it

Thank you

Hi Muzakki,

An upgrade guide was recently released and added to PKP’s documentation hub.

You can find a detailed explanation in the guide:

Please comment here if something is not clear enough.