Consent of Reviewer

Dear Sir,
When Editor/Section Editor assigns a reviewer and send a requesting mail, two options are getting activated under “Editor to Enter”. i.e. “Will do the review” & “Unable to do the review” . This will really confuse the Editor/Section Editor. In fact, this has to be decided by the Reviewer. Is it not? Please let me know whether this option has been made for cases wherein the Reviewer does the work manually, i.e. without accessing the OJS? If so, the option should have been disabled in cases of automatic reviewing wherein the Reviewer does the work through OJS. Kindly comment.
Shijith Kumar C

Hi @jaiish,

This is intended for cases where the Reviewer doesn’t work directly with OJS, e.g. if the Reviewer emails a review to the Editor directly. This is not all that uncommon. Because Reviewers generally don’t have much incentive to do a review, it’s usually better for the Editor to enter the review themselves.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team