Configure rights in omp - feature request


one aspect where we think omp is a bit inflexible is the allocation of rights. You offer 5 permission levels, but there is no way of further fine-tuning as far as I know (apart from the stage assignment).

For us, the rights of the series editors are quite restrictive which entails more work for the press manager than is necessary. One thing is the right to create reviewers or enroll existing users in the “Add Reviewer”-Form.

To allow series edtiors to create and enroll reviewers, I have added ROLE_ID_SUB_EDITOR to the classes PKPReviewerGridHandler and SearchByNameReviewerForm. But this is not the solution we would prefer, because 1. the underlying problem (no flexibility) remains and 2. we would prefer to keep the omp-code unchanged (we only want to add changes via plugins).

Maybe there would be an way to add the configuration of rights.


Hi @carola,

The ability for series editors to create reviewers has already been added for release in OMP 1.2:

Fundamentally, the tricky thing about flexible permissions is that we need a restrictive set of permissions in order to preserve privacy and facilitate potentially blind peer review, but we want to allow configurability on top of it to permit flexible workflows. Generally speaking that’s been a very difficult balance to find. It’s entirely possible that the series editor role itself needs some further refinement – it’s probably the least refined role in the system at the moment. If there are particular things you need them to do that we haven’t already tackled, please write them up.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team