Clone OJS-2.2.2 from MainServer to TestServer

Hi everyone and regards from Germany,

We want to clone OJS-2.2.2 to our TestServer, because we want to make a update to 2.4.6 and first we want to try it out if any data will be loose and which.

The best would be to do the update with Github but my parent co-worker does not do any commits to the change code, so the code will be loose making the update.

There are any ideas for the update ? or experiences that u could tell me it would be very kind ?

thanks in advance.

Sorry i forget is it possible to make a clone? if yes, how?

To create a development copy of OJS, the procedure will generally be:

  1. Copy the source files over
  2. Verify the file permissions
  3. Copy the database over
  4. Edit to point to the development database

If you want to mimic the live hostname on your development server,
5) Edit the Apache configuration to replicate your current hostname, and edit your local hosts file to override DNS

Are you using git on your Main server?

If so, you can use git to perform the clone, without Github:
test-server> git clone ssh://user@server:/path/to/ojs.git

If you are not already using git on the main server, you can use rsync to copy the files and then make a local git repository with git init.

thanks a lot for your help,
I clone my OJS successful and it works great!!