Client Side Using Load Balancing Router visit OJS

Hi All,

I encountered a problem that if client side using load balancing system to visit the OJS then OJS maybe cause an unexpected login/logout.

For example:
Normal situation: A user has used IP: to visit OJS. IP never changed from beginning to end. It can normal login OJS and use this website.

Load balancing situation: A user has via load balancing system visit OJS. Maybe IP: login now, but press any link IP: at next second. Due to mechanism of load balancing system so that IP of each GET/POST procedure will be different. I think about it cause OJS judgment an illegal login. So, user cannot normal visit website.

As far as I know, load balancing belong to Network Layer, it will not affect Application Layer. But I did encounter such this problem.
Do you have any suggestions to solve this issue?


Have you tried disabling this setting from

Hi ajnyga,

Thank you for your prompt reply, I will check this option.