Clean install of OJS freezes. Where to look?

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I have a clean install of OJS3.3.0.8 and am testing it in prep for going live. The problem is intermittent. The site freezes (infinite circle) and sometimes takes several minutes before unfreezing. Makes it unusable. The server logs don’t show anything wrong. Can anyone advise where I should look to figure out what’s wrong?

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Hi @elhay,

Hmmm… usually the server logs provide some indication - but more specifically, did you check your PHP error logs?
Also: in the there is the debug settings: you can enable some of these options to hopefully get some output that might pinpoint what the issue is.
In particular, setting both the show_stacktrace and display_errors could be helpful.

At what point in the install process does it freeze?

PKP Team

Thanks, Roger. The freezing has occurred during testing of the site. The installation is complete and the site works fine until the freezing occurs. There no discernable pattern to when it freezes though. Haven’t checked the PHP logs but will do so and will also turn on debugging in case that help. I’m not an expert and rely on a much more knowledgeable person who can play with the nuts and bolts.
Thanks for your help.