citationStyleLanguage not Working on OJS 3.3.X

hello @asmecher i see your plugin citation style language on github:

I got problem trying to install on my OJS version What I need to know about this plugin?
it is out of date or support? Do I need to installa another plugin to work with it?

thanks for your support.

Hi Carlos,

it’s better install it via Plugin Gallery, so that all components are installed.
It works perfectly with OJS 3.3.0-x

how it is called via plugin Gallery? I am in plugin galllery but i dont find style language plugin?

I’m sorry, I was wrong with respect to the plugin gallery - the Citation Style Language Plugin is part of the standard installation of OJS 3.3.0-x - you just need to enable and configure it in the plugins tab of the website settings for your journal.
If it does not work, then you should check the PHP error log.

thank you very much solved it

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