Citation plug-in

Dear All

I am new to OJS. I have using ojs
Is there any plugin for Citation in different type like bibtext and other formats? How can I find this plug in? How should I install it?

By browsing the forum I understood there is such feature but I could not find how to enable it.

thanks a lot

Good question.
Adding citation at each article is a good feature.
I remember that in OJS 3.0.2 there was such feature but there is not in this version. How can we enable it again?

Please try Citation Style Language plugin and check is that OK with you.

Dear @vvucic

Thanks for your reply. Would please tell me how can I download this plugin?

It should be already there.

Please go to Settings/Website/plugins and in group Generic plugins you will find it as on image below:
please check the checkbox on right side and by clicking on blue triangle on the left side you will see Settings so you can set what you need.

Dear @vvucic
Thanks. That was exactly what I needed.

thanks @vvucic

I have check all possible formats and downloadable formats like bibText and endNote. But in the drop-list list, all formats are available but there is nothing to download.

there is no downloadable formats even I have checked them:

When you go to that part from frontend and when you click on some format it will show citation in that format and you can copy it and paste it where needed.
Also, please check settings did you enable proper formats to be seen or downloaded.

Dear @vvucic

One more question. Is it possible to download all BibText of an issue at once? Or all BibText of a Journal?


I am not developer and I do not think that it is possible at the moment. Correct answer can give @asmecher


Hi @mmai,

There’s not currently a way to download all BibTeX of an issue at once. This might make a useful report plugin if anyone’s interested and able to write one.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team