Citation can't work (Scopus/crossref plugin)

Hi @mohd_arshad

Citation can’t work (Scopus/crossref plugin)
We will Installed but can’t showing Installed plugin

Could eloborate more?

How do you install the plugin?

Is the plug in install message is show when you install?

What are the status of the plug in in your plugin tab.


Yes, I’m install the plugin manually. But Not showing Journal install and Can’t work

Could you install it from the plugin gallery?


No I’m Install PKP Plugin List

Go to website>plugin>plugin gallery

Install from there.

What is the result?


Citation Plugin can’t find Plugin Gallery


Citation Plugin can’t find Plugin Gallery and Install Manually

Because of cpanel limitation usually they block shell-exec you still cannot install manually or through plugin gallery…

Only option is you have to make backup download, install in your pc localhost and install there and reupload…


i need your assist about plugin

i need your assist about plugin


Can you tell me what version of OJS you are using?

OJS Version
PHP 7.4

Thanks for your information.

First, you can download the plugin at the following link:

Then upload and extract the plugin manually in the /plugins/generic/ folder, and make sure the file name after extracting is:

Then check in the Installed plugins menu of your OJS, whether this plugin was installed successfully.

Please note, make sure you have deleted the citation folder that was previously uploaded

Thanks for Cooperation. I’m follow your Instruction then Done!

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