Check password and active sessions

I need to implement several things:

1- Check that the password is complex (uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters). This I would like to check wherever the password is entered, for example: when the user registers, or when an administrator creates the user and puts a password on it or when the user changes the password …

2- That two active sessions (with the same user) from different IP addresses are not allowed. Or if it cannot be done, notify the user by email about the accesses with their account.

I am using OJS 3.1.2

Could someone guide me how to do it?

Well, I already achieved the first, I modified the constructor of the files, and, I added the following line:

$this->addCheck(new FormValidatorRegExp($this, ‘password’, ‘required’, ‘Password does not meet complexity requirements’, ‘/^(?=.[a-z])(?=.[A-Z])(?=.[0-9])(?=.[!@#$%^&*])/’));

now I would need to know what is the file that has to do with the creation of users to do the same. could you tell me?

I still have point 2 regarding the sessions if someone can tell me in which files I could work to achieve this …

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