Character encoding issue

Not sure when this came about (say, from previous upgrade, or other system change event), but caught a few encoding issues where accented characters weren’t displaying correctly in multiple browsers:

e.g. Author’s last name: “Yücesoy” instead of “Yücesoy”

Any known issues related to this? I can’t imagine these not getting caught during issue creation/publishing and recall demo’ing the journal in which we’ve identified these errors and not seeing this myself, so pretty sure they weren’t broken from original release. Running OJS 2.4.6 on solaris 11.2.


Carleton University

Hi @parser,

Typically these happen when some aspect of your database configuration changes – for example, if you’ve upgraded your copy of OJS and inadvertently changed your configuration file. Ensure that your’s database character set configuration is appropriate (it should be using UTF8 throughout). If you did a dump/restore of your database it’s possible that something was introduced during this process; you can check the database directly (e.g. via phpMyAdmin) to see whether data is correctly encoded there. Beware of manually correcting part of the data; then you’ll have a mix of different encoding styles and it’ll be complicated to fix any other way than via manual correction.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team