Changing the structure of OJS pre-set sections

The editors I work with on the Community Literacy Journal have asked me to add, remove, and re-order main sections on the website’s “About” page, found here (also circled in the attached screenshot): About the Journal. For example, they want me to add an entire section above “People” and re-order the current sections so when users look at this page, they see “Policies,” then “People,” then “Other,” and “Submissions” does not appear at all. However, I have yet to find a way to accomplish this through the journal manager’s capabilities in OJS, and I’m convinced that these main sections are just built into the system the way they are and cannot be rearranged, added to, or fully deleted. Are these kinds of structural changes possible in the OJS system? If they are, how would a journal manager go about making these kinds of changes?