Changing the language in the site header

I apologize in advance as this question has been asked before, but this was asked several years ago and I’m afraid the information is already outdated. Could you tell me how to add a language change to the site header? I know there is a plugin on the right side, but I need users to be able to change the language in the header. I have a standard theme and the version is OJS 3.0.0-15

Like this, for example?

In the Website settings > tab Setup > menu Navigation, you can add menu items ( that change the language (see example links in the journal above, use “Remote URL”), then add those to the User Navigation Menu.

It’s also possible to add a dropdown menu with languages, see e.g. (user navigation menu) or (primary navigation menu).

But if you add it through the menu Navigation, then the link will redirect only to one address? If I want to change the language on another page, I will still be sent to the page I specified in the Remote URL. Let’s say the URL contains a link to the main page with a different language. If then I want to change the language on the Archive page, the language will change, but I will be directed to the main page?

Did you look at the link in the EN / DE menu entry of ?
This link changes the language, but you stay on the page where you clicked it. IMO, this is the expected behavior for an end user.

You can try out yourself on - go to any page, then click either DE or EN.