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The journal I am editor of has several sections including regular articles, case studies, policy evaluations, and research notes. In the old software, these sections appeared in the editor pages for each submission. It no longer does. I just had a paper submitted as a regular paper that would be better as a case study. Is there a way to change this?
Doug Ramsey
Journal of Rural and Community Development

Hi @ramsey,

What version of OJS are you currently using? Please include this in your posts.

The sections can be edited in the journal settings. Authors will be asked to choose a section to submit to during the submission process. Once an article has been submitted, the section can be re-assigned by going to the Publication tab > Issue (in OJS 3.2 or higher) or in the Metadata tab (OJS 3.1).

I hope this helps, but please let me know if this does not address your question.


Hello Kate,

I did not see this message until now. My apologies. We are using OJS Your instructions worked!

Thanks so much
Doug Ramsey

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