Changing stats in Editorial Activity Statistics [bug?]


We encountered a very strange issue with Editorial Activity Statistics (Statistics > Editorial) in one of our journals. I wonder if anyone has experienced the same or has any insight into the issue. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

We looked at the editorial activity data for 2020 (period from 2020-01-01 to 2021-01-01) on the following three dates (Jan 29, Feb 9 and Feb 16, 2021). The stats looked different on each date (please see attached image comparing the collected data see by side). Where the data mostly varied was percentage calculations.

For example, Post-Review Rejection Rate changed in each case while the underlying totals used to calculate it remained unchanged – Received submissions (650) and Submission Declined (Pos-Review) (201). Additionally, there seems to be an error in calculating the percentage, which should be 30.92%.

Unfortunately PKP Documentation on Editorial Activity Statistics (Statistics) doesn’t provide any in-depth description about calculations logic. Hoping the community wisdom will shed some light on this. Thanks.

Screenshot: IRRODL-editorial-stats-comparison.jpg - Google Drive

Hi @sergiyk,

Thanks for posting your question. Newer OJS versions actually provide an explanation of how the Acceptance and Rejection rates are calculated. I’ve provided the explanation for you below.

The percentage for the selected date range is calculated for submissions that were submitted during this date range and have received a final decision.

For example, consider the case where ten submissions were made during this date range. Four were accepted, four were rejected and two are still awaiting a final decision.

The acceptance rate will be 50% (4 of 8 submissions) because the two submissions that have not reached a final decision are not counted.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
PKP Team