Changing Sign in details (adding new fields)

Dear All,
I want to add fields to the sign in details (adding new fields), any document which I can follow to do the changes required plus migration.
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Hi @qassim_nasir,

There are a number of posts on the forum that discuss adding a new field. I would suggest doing a search for those first. If you are unable to find an answer there, please feel free to add more details in your post here.

It would be helpful to all users to know what version you’re using and what fields you’re trying to add.

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Many thanks

  1. OJS version :
  2. I would like to add : Rank, Specialization (few keywords), Nationality

Can you assist where are these posts.
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Hi @qassim_nasir

Please start by search for the following terms: new registration fields, new field to the registration form and any similar words.

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team