Changing aren't reflect on the site

Hello everyone,
It’s my first post here and I’m in the first day in Ojs platform.
My problem is, I have a PHP file and I am changing in the settings page.
But changes aren’t reflected on my settings page. There is a radio button in the settings page, I wanted to another radio button, I added also, but can’t see in the settings page.
What can be the reason? Am i missing something?

Thank you all.

Hi @Rubel,

Can you provide some more details, please:

What version of OJS are you using?
What is the PHP file that you using, and how are changing the settings page? Perhaps you could provide a screenshot of what you intend to change?

PKP Team

Hi rcgillis,
Thank you for your reply.
Problem has been solved. My manager updated everything and gave me new access then I saw there are no problems at all.

As I’m a PHP developer. I need to work with ojs PHP files , core files. Can you help me to introduce with the core files and how to edit, what to edit? Can you provide me any documentation to dig deeply about ojs file system?

Thank you.

Hi @Rubel,

Sure, the documentation you’ll want to look at is on our documentation hub, under the Developer docs: PKP Developer Docs - Technical guides and documentation for OJS and OMP

You may also wish to look at our FAQ here too: PKP Software FAQ

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi rcgillis,
Thank you so much. So kind of you.

Kind regards,

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