Changes slow to show up due tocahce?

I noticed that all changes that we do in header of site etc. are very slow. It takes a couple of minutes until they show up.
It is slow even after clearing data cache and template cache in admin part.
How to make that faster?


OJS itself wouldn’t be caching in that manner. If this happens only for certain browsers, it may be a cache on the client side or from your internet service provider. If it happens for multiple browsers on multiple computers on multiple networks, you’ll want to check with your server administrator or hosting provider to see what caching may be in effect.

OK. Thanks. Do you suggest any cron command that can do that periodically. I noticed that if I physically delete files from the /cache folder I got blank page since OJS requires /t_compile folder to exist within the /cache folder. After I created /t_compile folder within /cache folder everything worked nicely. Thanks

I’m pretty sure a caching issue as you are describing it would be before OJS. There isn’t anything a cron could do.