Changes made to "About this Journal" Not Reflected

We’re running into an issue with an OJS 3 ( journal instance where changes that are made in the journal’s “About this Journal” section are not being reflected on the site. The changes are staying in the journal settings edit screen, however, they are not appearing on the public side.

It seems as if it might be a caching issue of some sort, however, I’ve already tried clearing both the data cache and the template cache to no avail (it didn’t make the change appear). Is there another cache I can look to? Some other issue that I might need to dig into?

Best regards, +A

Without seeing the issue first-hand, my top guesses would be:

  • The journal settings cache file is not being overwritten / cleared because of file permissions. Check the timestamps on your cache files and/or check your PHP error log for warnings about the failed writes.
  • The change is ineffective because of a discrepancy in the locale being saved vs. the locale being displayed. Does this install have one or more locales enabled?
  • The change is ineffective because the URL or menu item is overridden with a static page. Confirm that the index.php/journalname/about URL is actually directing you to the OJS about page, and not a static copy someone else has made.

First, @ctgraham, thank you so much for your reply.
After more closely inspecting… there were two sections … one in the journal setup and the other in the website setup… both of began the same… and, as a result, our journal manager (and our journal coordination staff) all saw these as the same. Looks like they are updating correctly.

Phew. Cheers, +A