Changes made in Instructions to authors (navigaton menus) not saving

I want to edit instructions to authors under the navigation menus, however, I am unable to save changes. Each time I click on the Save button the software keeps on running but changes are not saved. I also tried to clear DOIs of few manuscripts but I was not successful. In addition, images for the journal website is also not uploading and appear broken. Kindly help.

Application Version - OJS

Hello @faiz.raza,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the version of OJS that you’re using is no longer supported by PKP. I recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of OJS, as it is possible that your issue will be resolved by upgrading. However, other community members may wish to offer assistance.

Upgrading instructions are available in the PKP Administrator’s Guide.

Information about the latest version of OJS can be found on the PKP Website

Kind Regards,
Public Knowledge Project Team