Change wording of reviewer recommendations

I would like to know if the wording of the Reviewer Recommendations can be changed.
Can the recommendations be deleted and / or new ones added


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Hi @EdwardDavid,

The review recommendations can’t be configured. You can change the wording using the translator plugin thought. Just find the translation keys that correspond to the recommendation you want to edit and add a custom translation for it. See the available recommendations and it’s translation key here:

SUBMISSION_REVIEWER_RECOMMENDATION_ACCEPT => 'reviewer.article.decision.accept',
                    SUBMISSION_REVIEWER_RECOMMENDATION_PENDING_REVISIONS => 'reviewer.article.decision.pendingRevisions',
                    SUBMISSION_REVIEWER_RECOMMENDATION_RESUBMIT_HERE => 'reviewer.article.decision.resubmitHere',
                    SUBMISSION_REVIEWER_RECOMMENDATION_RESUBMIT_ELSEWHERE => 'reviewer.article.decision.resubmitElsewhere',
                    SUBMISSION_REVIEWER_RECOMMENDATION_DECLINE => 'reviewer.article.decision.decline',
                    SUBMISSION_REVIEWER_RECOMMENDATION_SEE_COMMENTS => 'reviewer.article.decision.seeComments'


Hi @beghelli,
I am guessing from looking at the files in the translator plugin that I can delete an option.
For example the client does not want See Comments.

I have enabled translator plugin. Just not sure which file to edit.
I checked ones that I thought would be it but was not.

Apologies first time I have used this plugin and am not familiar with which file to edit.


You won’t be able to add or delete the options with the Translator plugin, only change (rename) the existing options.

To remove an option, you would need to change the code. If you haven’t used “See Comments” to this point, it might be as simple as removing it here:

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That does still not help with rewording. This journal had the recommendations changed apparently but for some reason they have reverted back to the defaults.

I need to go in and change the wording for each recommendation.

I do not know which file under the translator plugin to make the changes to based on Bruno’s recommendation.


This is the main OJS locale file, e.g. locale/en_US/locale.xml.

Wow this really helped me! Thank you so much!
Just have one question, this changes applies to every jorunal inside OJS right??

Hi @darkermisae,

Changing the locale files will result in changes for all journals – but if you want to customize things on a per-journal basis, try the Custom Locale plugin.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you very much! This has bean a lot of help.

Helo, this file doesn’t exist in OJS 3X. In OJS 3 the correct path of the file is lib/pkp/classes/submission/reviewAssignment/

In OJS 3.1.2, my editor wanted to change “Resubmit for review” to “Major revisions required” and another of the choices to “Minor revisions required” in the reviewer recommendation options. Following the advice in this thread, I enabled the Translator Plugin and entered the translations in locale/en_US/locale.xml. Now it only shows “Array” and it doesn’t allow me to fix it. HELP please!

What version of the Translator plugin do you have installed? For OJS 3.1.2, I think it should be Translator 2.0.3-1.

You can always edit the the xml file directly if the Translator plugin is not working. But, if it is not working, we’ll want to know the details so we can fix it!

Thanks. I figured out on my own that I could just edit that .xml file myself and that worked.


For little things like this, it’s probably easier to do it that way. We just recently upgraded to 3.1.2 and I installed the Translator plugin from the plugin gallery. Version 2.0.3-1.

I am disappointed that there isn’t an easy setting within the software for allowing editors to decide the wording of the drop down items on reviewers’ recommendations. Seems like a pretty basic thing that editors should be able to decide. I appreciate the suggestions above but I don’t have the permission level (or probably the capability) and don’t want to ask more of the overworked technical staff supporting our journal.
Very confusing for me is that the video tutorials specifically show how to create a list of items for a reviewers’ recommendations drop down. I did that but found when implemented it is immediately followed by the original list of 6 uneditable items.
This list is a problem for two reasons:

  1. it contains items I really don’t want (“see comments” and “resubmit elsewhere”)
  2. it comes right at the bottom of the page after a load of other boxes so some reviewers don’t get that far and log off thinking they have completed the task.

I hope the developers might rethink the decision not to implement editor/manager control over this aspect of the process.


I just wanted to emphasise, that @dgardner is absolutely right with his comment! From my point of view it is essential that editors can (easily) change the wording at this point! To make it clear: The decicion, that the reviewer voices at this point, is THE crucial step in the whole reviewing, if not in the whole editing process!
The journal managers simply have to be able to decide what options they offer to reviewers. Different journals simply handle this issue differently! It would be a relief if you could create such an option (without having to change the xml-code). Thanks!



Just saw this post yesterday and wondering if there is any update to the issue documented above. I am not sure why we have hard coded recommendation when editors have the option to create customized review forms. I’m desperately in need of a fix.


I too would like to see an update on this topic, even if it’s not the answer we’d like. The fact that this isn’t editable is an oversight. Made even more confusing since the default recommendation selector doesn’t appear appear when previewing the custom review template as JM/editor role.

Hi all,

This has been filed in our issue tracker at Customizable Reviewer Recommendations · Issue #1660 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub – please watch there for updates, and feel free to add comments/suggestions. It hasn’t yet been a high enough priority for attention from our dev team; we do of course review third-party code contributions and I note the level of community interest in this.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi @asmecher,
Going to update to in the next few days (multi-journal)
Any advances on this issue for this OJS version or should I still need the recommended plugin?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi @jascanio,

OJS 3.2.0-3 is not different from previous releases in this regard; until the feature request at the link above is implemented, I’d suggest using the custom locale plugin or editing the locale files if you want to customize the labels of reviewer recommendations.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team