Change the layout of the webpage

I’m looking for a way to change the default layout of the website for my journal (e.g. make a scrolling banner, put in different buttons for navigation etc), I know it has something to do with either a stylesheet or using bootstrap, but I’m not sure on the best way to do this… could someone please help in explaining this??

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Depending how much you want to change it will tak emore or less, css, bootstrap change. Bootstrap is for developers rather than for users with less programming skills and experience. Some platforms such as WordPress can have extension called Visual Composer, but in this case I can tell you that simpler is better.
However, you can find in Community showcase here in forum some very nice examples of customized themes.
Indeed, I would suggestto you to consider this too

since persons with disabilities do have the same right to access scholarly documents as people who are not disabled.


Dear Vvucic,

Thanks for the reply! and I will look into the web accessibility option for disabled people. Can you get the wordpress extension (as a plugin) for OJS?


Hello wordpress extension is purely php and written for WordPress. It is completely different and it will be impossible to use it easily in OJS.

Please check carefully this:

for more information about Bootstrap.
Good luck!

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