Change submissionReview template

I am using (still) OJS 2.3.6. I need to change submissionReview template (templates/sectionEditor/submission/editorDecision.tpl, actually), so that Editor can select and record decision only if all reviewers are rated. (it is ok to hide select box)

I know that I need to check if every reviewer has Quality assigned, and that is visible in $reviewAssignments variable, but I am not very familiar with Smarty templating system.

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @Dragoljub_Djordjevic,
We use a variant of OJS 2.4 and I haven’t done this particular modification to our code, but if I were to do so, I would do something like this:

  1. Modify the /pages/SectionEditor/SubmissionEditorHandler::submissionReview function to check if all non-cancelled, non-declined review submissions from the current decision round have been rated as a boolean variable $allRated to transmit to submissionreview.tpl.
  2. Add an additional condition to the logic around the submit button in the /templates/sectionEditor/submission/editorDecision.tpl file to require $allRated be true
foreach ($submission->getReviewAssignments($round) as $reviewAssignment) {
if (!$reviewAssignment->getCancelled() && !$reviewAssignment->getDeclined() && $allRated) {
$allRated = false;

<input type=“submit” … {if not $allowRecommendation && !$allRated}disabled=“disabled”{/if}

Hope this helps.

Thank You for your reply. I have managed to make it working other way, but this is also helpfull for future changes.