Change journal initials

Is it save to change the journal initials of a journal with already published issues? The background of the question is that we would like to change the initials in brackets in the system emails.Are there any other places where the initials are used?


Hi @vschallehn,

Yes, it’s safe to change the initials. The one you want to be careful changing is the “path” field, which is used in URLs and elsewhere.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, Volker,

If you assign Digital Object Identifiers to any items in the journal and use the journal initials in formulating DOIs, changing the initials may be a concern for you. Any DOIs generated by the system moving forward will have the new initials. Also, if you ever select the “reassign DOIs” button, that will change all off the old DOIs to the new initials, therefore making the older DOIs incorrect.

All best,
Vanessa Gabler

Hi Vanessa and Alec,

thanks for your replies. But fortunately we don’t use the journal initials as part of the DOI. But good to know for others facing the same idea of changing the initials.


i work on journal and need now to change Journal initials in Journal Settings, but i see the Journal initials part of the address, can you change without and loss
i mean the Journal initials that can reach from setting → journal setting–>Journal initials

i use the ojs

Hi @firas,

The field that’s used in the URL is the “path” field. If you change that one, the URLs will change. Otherwise, they will not.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

thank you may be in install steps i put the path and Journal initials same
thank you