Change issue title length in OJS


I’m having difficulties in setting up the title of one of our new issues.

The problem is that when I enter a title (in Cyrillic) that has 131 characters (with spaces) or 148 characters (no spaces), OJS truncates the title to 112 characters (no spaces) or 126 characters (with spaces).

There are some already published issue titles (in English) that are longer than 112 characters (no spaces) or 126 characters (with spaces). But it looks like it’s not the same limit for the ones in Cyrillic.

Can you please advise on how to properly remove this limitation?

Thank you.

Hello again,

I’ve just found out how to overcome this issue.

So, I changed

size=“40” maxlength=“120” class=“textField” type=“text”>


size=“40” maxlength=“220” class=“textField” type=“text”>

in the following files:


I’m all set now! Thank you.

Hi @Dragomir,

Note that you shouldn’t need to manually change the compiled template – if your permissions are set right, Smarty will notice that the source template file and automatically update the compiled version.

Thanks for documenting this!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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