Change full author name "FirstName LastName" to "F. Lastname" at the paper's page

Hi all.
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Couldn’t find the solution. Maybe I miss it at the forum.

On the paper’s page the information about paper looks like below:

Paper Title

Valeriya Pinchuk, Andrey Kuzmin, Sofia Marsel

In some cases the full First name of the co-auhtor can be unknown, only Frist letter of it: for example A. Kuzmin
And the representation of that author in the list becomes following:

Valeriya Pinchuk, A Kuzmin, Sofia Marsel

Thus, I think, it would be better to present all the authors as following:

V.Pinchuk, A.Kuzmin, S.Marsel

The attached picture shows what exact I’d like.

or even better, similar to citation format:

Pinchuk, V., Kuzmin, A., Marsel, S.

However, I could not find how I can make this change.

Application Version - e.g., OJS

I would be very grateful if someone could help.

I have 500+ papers in old issues which I am trying to upload to OJS.
Many of those papers have such author’s name format (Lastname F.)

Hi @Diplodok,

OJS defaults to displaying the first name based on the entered author’s metadata. I could see it as being difficult to make the changes that you’re wanting to do without engaging in some custom code work or manually editing of the author metadata. Can you send a link to your site, if it is public so I could have a close look?

PKP Team

Hi, Roger @rcgillis !
Thank so much you for your reply.

The link to my site (it is not public yet, but available)
You can see a few examples there at the first page

One of them exactly:
There are 1st and 3rd authors of whom I do not have full first names, only initials :frowning:

I think, this could be a feature in future updates to select option how to format the author names:
-Firstname Lastname
-Lastname, FirstName
-F. Lastname
-Lastname, F.

However, if you could help me with this case without complete update of the system it would be great.
As for today I need only simple “F. Lastname”
The dot after the initial (F**.**) is important.

But I will accept any answer :upside_down_face:

Sincerely yours,

P.S. website is under construction yet :slight_smile:

Dear Roger (@rcgillis),

I have found the solution for now!!!
I can intentionally add dot in case of Initial name!!! Firstname field: “A.”
I have corrected the manuscript contributor Katruha

I did not do that because was afraid of double dot in citation, however, it seems, ojs engine substitute double dots with single one.
This is not exactly what I want, but for now is accepted.

Thank you one more time for your attention!
Best regards,

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