Change default quantiy of submission per page in dashboard

Hello, I’m using OJS 3.2.1.

My client wants to change the default quantity of submissions listed per page in the submissions dashboard (default quantity is 20 per page).

I’ve changed the value in site configuration page on field items per page, but this did not make effect. I’ve also changed the items per page in the config file, but this not made effect too.

If this change needs to be make in the source code, no problems, but I would like to know where can I make that.

Thank you!

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I will like to know the solution to this issue as well. Any help is appreciated!

This is not yet possible with the submissions list in 3.2.1. At the moment a small amount of code is required to do this, but we hope to make it easier to tailor the submissions list to each user in the future.