Carrousel in main journal page?

Hi hi! I have trying to customize (whith other option not present in the the UI) my OJS installation, but it is really very tricky and I have spent a lot of time in this effort with little results, I woudl like to know if there are a template or a plug-in allowing to show a carrousel/slider with all issues in the main page of the journal, and how I need to configure it?

If there a list of templates or tutorial It will be really welcome.



Hi @anedesquerra,

I’d suggest starting by working with the “Archives” area, since it’s already got all the information assigned to the template that you’ll need to implement a carousel; all you’ll need to do is work with the template file (and introduce the template plugin yourself). OJS 2.4.x is using an older version of JQuery, so if you pick a JQuery plugin, make sure it’s compatible – upgrading JQuery will take a lot of work, so best to avoid that for now. Start by tinkering with templates/issue/archive.tpl, and don’t forget to use Smarty’s {literal} tag when necessary (see Smarty’s documentation for more on that).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team