Can't install OJS3.0.2

Dear all,

I’m trying to install OJS3.0.2 on our web hosting service at

  • OS: unknown
  • PHP version : 5.6
  • MySQL version : 5.6

I’m already following the installation instruction in docs folder.

  • permissions config recursively (, /public/ ,/cache/)
  • force_ssl = On / force_login_ssl = On is edited in

But our process stucts at browser step with only “Page Not Found” is shown in webpage.

Any sugestion.

PS. I have tried to install OJS in my own server with the same config as above, everthing work fine.

What have you configured as your webserver’s document root, and are you using any URL rewriting?

It looks like you are accidentally rewriting URLs from /tjnn/ to include “public_html” in the URL, when typically public_html is the webserver’s document root.

Thank for responce.

I will check this topic with our webhosting admin today.

Thank you in advance.

Problem solved.