Can't install ojs 3.0

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I’m just beginning with this software but had experience installing other useful open source tools like Koha for library management. In this case, I just can’t seem to install the software either in Linux nor windows. I followed the procedures indicated in the manual: in linux case I installed the latest LAMP server and in Windows XAMPP for testing purposes. I managed to get to the installation interface, I… filled the fields like user name, email, database… And when I click install ojs I get the following error in both cases:

This page does not work
The localhost page can not process this request now.

Hope you can help me with this problem, thanks in advanced.

Hi @Freddy_P,

Check your PHP error log for details.

Are you actually trying to install OJS 3.0? That’s quite an old release – I’d suggest going with the newest release (currently 3.1.1-1).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher, this is what I’ve gotten:



Eager to get your advice

hola amigo, proba con la opción [MSQLI] :sonreír:

Hola Gerardo. No estoy muy seguro, te refieres en el comando de instalación? : apt install mysqi-server? o hacer alguna configuración en un archivo después de la instalación? Saludos desde Perú

ahí me refería, pone la opción MSQLi . ojalá tengas suerte