Can't index Google Scholar


I tried to indexing my OJS, but it didn’t work.

I already readed the documentation about that ( and some topics about same problem in the forum.

Does someone help me with this, please?

OJS version:
Website example:

Hi @riquemg,

Are you also using the Google Scholar plugin?

PKP Team

Yes, it is enabled!

And the meta tags are apparently ok.

Hi @riquemg,

Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure what more to suggest at this point, but I will flag this for other team members to have a look at and make suggestions when they have the opportunity.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis

Thank you! I’ll be waiting.

See Protocol OAI-PMH in OJS - #5 by mpbraendle

And you need patience depending on the size of your journal.

Hi @mpbraendle

I’ll try to sending the sitemap to Google.

The Journal already index in the Google search engine, but not in Schoolar.