Can't access articles in Future Issue

I modified our OJS server in order to allow access to futture issue as explained on

I can see the TOC of the forthcoming number, but when I try to see an article I’m redirected to Home page. In fact, OJS is returning a HTTP 302 code making the browser to bypass the expected content.

What can I do to allow access to those articles?

Thank you.

Hi @ajspadial,

I presume you’re asking about OJS 2.x? (Please include your OJS version in your posts.)

I won’t be able to help you in detail as I don’t have the code for your modification, but I’d guess that one of the conditions in pages/article/ is causing a redirect. I would recommend looking through the validate function there in particular.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @asmecher,

It’s OJS 2.4.8.

I made OJS to skip the check $issue->getPublished() on line ojs/ at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub. And it works fine now.

I wonder if there is another way to make future issues and articles accessible in OJS.

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Just FYI that I have been working with a plugin to solve this in OJS3:

It is in a working stage, but have not looked at it thoroughly yet for security issues etc.

Hi @ajnyga

How install your forthcoming plugin for OJS

I do not think I needed any changes for that when we upgraded to

Did you try installing it? You just need to donwload a release from github, open the tar.gz folder and move the plugin folder in plugins/generic

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Hi @ajnyga

Thanks for your response. I have installed your plugin in an OJS and I have tested that it works fine.

The way I have used to installed it was from the Upload A New Plugin button in the Plugins tab, I have downloaded the release (tar.gz) from Github.