Cannot upgrade to

I have been attempting to upgrade from v. to v. but keep getting an error during the upgrade process despite having followed the help advice on the forum in this post. The supposed solution is to make sure that the relevant database table is of type InnoDB, and mine was MyISAM, so I changed it, to no avail.

My upgrade procedure might be slightly unorthodox because I start by creating a complete clone of the system so that I can be assured that the production database is not harmed during the upgrade process. After a successful upgrade, I then rename the directory (and the directory name in the journal db table) so that users can still access the site from the same URL.

Here is what I have been doing:

  1. Backup data folder on /home (outside the public_html area). In my case ejojsdata2 -->ejojsdata3

  2. Copy the current code directory. (in my case ejojs2 -->ejojs3)

  3. Create a copy of the current database. ejojs2 -->ejojs3

  4. Assign the owner of ejojs2 to ejojs3 (Simplifies the config file update)

  5. In the new DB, modify the “journals” file so the it points to the correct directory. (ejojs2 -->ejojs3)

  6. Update config.ini.php replacing all instances of “ejojs2” with “ejojs3”

  7. Now, confirm that the clone that you have created works exactly like the original when invoked in your browser.

  8. Upload a copy of the new code. ( in my case.)

  9. Call the directory “ejojs3-new”

  10. Compare the config.ini.php files of both the current clone and the newly imported file. In this case, this was not in my config file:
    ; Database collation
    collation = utf8_general_ci
    There were some other items in the old config which had been deleted in the new one, as well.

  11. Change “installed = On” to “installed = Off”

  12. Change the name the clone directory to something else. In my case, ejojs3 -->ejojs3-clone

  13. Change the name of the directory with the new code to the intended name: ejojs3-new → ejojs3

  14. Now, at this point you should be able to invoke the new URL (ejojs3 in my case) and then follow the instructions at the top. Click “here” on the following line:
    –>If you are upgrading an existing installation of OJS, click here to proceed.
    Then click white button “Upgrade Open Journal Systems”.

  15. When the upgrade is complete, change “installed = Off” to “installed = On”

  16. If you wish, as I do, to continue to use the URL of your production system, you can now change ejojs2–>ojojs2-old
    and ejojs3 to ejojs2.

  17. You will also need to change the setting in the “journal” table back to the original value. (In my case “ejojs2”)
    Here is a copy of our file with the db access data removed:

Having the same issue as you Thom. Have tried the same steps as you, but the upgrade still hangs and I have to revert to 3.2x. Seems quite a few are having the same problem.