Cannot install OJS 3.1.2-4

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) in /home/clockcl1/ on line 373

After searching the forums, I made sure I have PHP 7.2, which I do:
Current PHP version: 7.2

I’ve checked out the server/database as well:

Database server

  • Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
  • Server type: MariaDB
  • Server connection: SSL is not being used
  • Server version: 10.3.22-MariaDB-cll-lve - MariaDB Server
  • Protocol version: 10
  • User: clockcl1@localhost
  • Server charset: cp1252 West European (latin1)

Web server

  • cpsrvd
  • Database client version: libmysql - 5.6.43
  • PHP extension: mysqli curl mbstring
  • PHP version: 7.3.6

Any help? I’m using directnic to host.

Hi @doomlab,

I think you’ll find that your PHP version is older than you think. If suggest double checking.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hey Doomlad!

I will suggest you double check the version PHP you are using. just of recent I also have similar problem am using PHP 7.4 but when I change it to 7.3 the problem was solve. Therefore, you can try it out. Alternatively, if is a new project, i will suggest that you download new xampp and install your OJS locally first before, moving it to live server.

I am hosting this on directnic, so don’t have offline option. I was going to chat with support about the version of PHP. Everything I’m seeing says I have 7.2+ though.

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Thanks guys - it was both a php and php-mbstring error. They have three different places you have to change the php version, and I had only found two of them. Hosting support was able to install the missing Ubuntu package, and I got the installation page successfully.

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