Cannot Create Journal in

i cannot Create new Journal. Can you please help?
Error message:
The from was not saved because 4 error(s) were encountered. Please correct these errors and try again.
Our OJS version is
My technician says, he found this error message in code:
“acronym”: {
“[“cs_CZ”,“en_US””: [
“Tento jazyk není akceptován.”


Hello @tntcko,

The little globe turning pink often indicates that you haven’t entered in the field in both the required locales (I would assume Czech and English, in your case?). When you click in the field do you have the option to enter it in a different Locale?

PKP Team

i think i find source of problem based on that little globe information, it says 2/3 languages completed but we have only 2 languages as you can see, English and Čeština (czech).
So i check our language settings in administration settings and some unknown language appearing with no info and when i click on remove, nothing happend.

Hi @tntcko,

Thank you for the additional. It certainly looks like the unknown locale is likely causing this, and if you can’t make changes in the UI, it’s possible that you might be able to disable the locale at the database level. However, I’m not exactly sure how to best go about this, so I will see if I can get some other team members to weigh in. The issue with not being able to disable that locale might point to something else going on in your instances. You might want to try checking your PHP error log and if there are relevant error messages, past them here to this post.

PKP Team