Cannot change a users's data -- asks for matching password

I’m the main admin for a site using OJS

I need to change a user’s settings from a mere reviewer to one with “Journal Editor” status. I got to User & Roles/Users, find the individual and then click on “Edit user”.

I then make the change in the “User roles” setting but when I try to save the page, it says that the “Passwords do not match”. This is natural since the user has a password which is displayed as a series of dots, but the righthand blank for confirming the password is empty.

I have now discovered that if I remove the filled in password dots so that both are blank, I can then save it. It could be that my password control program is filling in the password for me even though I don’t want it do. Has anyone else had this experience?


I frequently experience the same esp. with Chrome browser. It fills the first password field on left, and I have to remove it every time before saving.

In many instances, Chrome’s behavior would be welcome, but not if you are the admin trying to alter a users’ details. It’s easy enough to remove once you discover that this is the problem, but it can be frustrating for a new admin. Perhaps a change in the warning message so that it says, “Passwords don’t match – or leave them both blank in order to save the page.”