Cannot add html-markup to Abstract metadata in OJS 3.2.1-2 (solved)

Application Version: OJS 3.2.1-2
Editor for Abstract metadata does not have controls for inserting HTML code or other HTML-controls.

This feature was present in OJS 3.1, and has later been removed. We have been using it for instance to add html embed code to add video abstracts to our abstracts.

How can I re-enable the option in the editor to insert HTML markup in the abstract?

I would recommend to enable the HTML code insertion possibility as well as the other HTML related functionality in TinyMCE editor for the abstract metadata because then it is possible to use semantic html to increase the accessibility and readability of the abstract. It is therefore in my opinion not a good idea to enforce the abstract to be pure plain text.

Eirik Hanssen
OsloMet University Library

Hi @Eirik_Hanssen,

See related discussion about rationale:
You can use TextEditorExtras Plugin available at the plugin gallery to extend TinyMCE editor functionality.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:
Installing Text Editor Extras Plugin and activating code for abstracts for the relevant journal solved my problem, and also it was good to read about the concerns regarding activating these controls.
Eirik Hanssen
OsloMet University Library