Cannot access submission as editor

Dear all:
I’m using OJS with PHP 5.6.37.

To test the way OJS invites reviewers, one of the editors invited me to review a submission. I am an editor as well.

I denied the review, but for some reason the submission is still locked to me. I understand that that should be the case if I accepted to review, but I didn’t.

Now I’m locked out of the submission. When I try to access it, I get a page that starts with the message

“Request for Review
You have been selected as a potential reviewer of the following submission. Below is an overview of the submission, as well as the timeline for this review. We hope that you are able to participate. […]”

OJS still thinks I’m assigned for the review, but it doesn’t let me do it: if I click on any other tab ("Guidelines, etc.), nothing happens.

On the other hand, if I click on “View All Submission Details”, I am not allowed either. Both editor and reviewer options seem to be locked for me.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Dear all:
Can anyone help me with this one? Am I missing something obvious? Declining to review shouldn’t make the system stop saying I have been requested a review for the submission? The screenshot below shows that I declined the review (it was taken from the profile of the assigned editor).