Can we have all e-mails come from the site address, rather than user addresses?

I recently upgraded a client’s OJS installation from version 2 to 3, and there have been some issues with e-mails being sent from the site that come from our (the web developers!) address rather than the site address. I looked through all the settings I could find in and in the UI, and the only e-mail addresses I could see anywhere were the correct one, the contact address for the site. But eventually I found in the database that our address was listing the site_settings table as contactEmail.

I was able to change it via the database, but it’s still strange that there did not seem to be anywhere in or in any of the settings available through the UI that it could changed. Is there some setting hidden away somewhere that I’ve missed, or is this something that is set once during installation and can then never be changed again except by editing the database manually?

And even after editing site_settings to change it, some of the test mails I sent were showing up as being from our address rather than the client’s. I eventually figured out that in some cases it uses the address of the logged-in user rather than the site address - even for things like welcome messages sent out to new users! If they were added by an admin, it uses that admin’s individual e-mail address as the sender!

Is there any way to stop it from doing this? I can’t think of any reason anyone would ever want e-mails sent for system events, like new user registration, to come from the individual e-mail address of some staff member rather than the site address… Is there some setting somewhere that can disable this behaviour so that all system e-mails come from the site address (or journal address, since in the case of this particular site they are the same)?

Have you tried the setting default_envelope_sender with force_default_envelope_sender?

It doesn’t get you all the way there, because I suspect you don’t want the reply-to addresses, but it might get you close.