Can we explore fix for CLOCKSS Network manifest?

I apologize in advance for opening a new topic on this issue. We know that an OJS 3.x update for the CLOCKSS Network manifest is scheduled for 3.2 And that your advice is to watch the Github issue:

But we are concerned that CLOCKSS has not been able to archive our materials since we migrated to OJS 3 in early April. And now that the issue is set to be addressed with the 3.2 milestone, we may not be compliant for many months (?) with our commitment and mission to maintain a backup archive of our journals.

We would be happy to explore a fix to the CLOCKSS manifest on our own. Could you point us toward the files/modules that need work?

Details: IU Open Journals is at version 3.1.1-0, and about to update to 3.1.1-4. We’re using a modified bootstrap3 theme in our two multi-journal instances.

Thanks for your assistance.

Richard Higgins
IUScholarWorks | Scholarly Communication
Indiana University Libraries

We’ve fixed the CLOCKSS manifest in OJS3 for now by applying the patch available at PR #2215

Thanks so much to the dev staff for continuing to keep this on the radar.