Can we add comments on "Announcements"?

Hi there! A few colleagues and I have recently started a new journal, and we’re using the “Hypothesis” plugin to enable comments on papers, but we’re using the “Announcements” section as something of a blog to announce new things in the field, and post blogs from the editorial board. However, we can’t seem to find any way to add the possibility for comments on Announcements. Is there some way to add this functionality? Thank you all!

Hi again: does anyone know of a plugin to make this possible? Thanks! Or whether it would be possible to hire and pay someone to make it possible? We’re very new to this whole thing!

The current plugin uses one specific hook to load:

This hook is implemented here:

There is not a directly parallel hook in the AnnouncementsHandler:

But, hook on the display of “frontend/pages/announcement.tpl” could be easily integrated via the TemplateManager::display hook.

Currently the plugin also explicitly checks to ensure a galley is being viewed, which would not be the case with an announcement:

In all, if you have someone handy with PHP, I suspect it would not be a terribly complicated feature to implement.

This is so helpful, thank you! Now to find that person…