Can there be Thai script in articles? - newbie question

I am recommending OSJ to the Dean here in Thailand at Roi Et Rajabhat University as software for our existing Graduate School Research journal. I am a Foreign Expert teaching here trying to move everyone toward Open Source and digital management. While I have served on many technology committees I am not the tech person.

Our journal abstracts are in English and Thai and articles are mostly in Thai. I just want to make sure that the Thai script will not be a problem in the journal articles and article titles.

Having the OSJ user interface in English is not a problem for editors or journal submission, and will encourage those who submit articles to learn more English.

And yes, I will encourage someone to start a translation into Thai. I am a native US English speaker so, not me.

Hi @Willbarratt,

All of our software fully supports UTF8, which is an underlying technology that permits software to use non-Western scripts including Thai. You should be fine. I’m not aware of anyone working on a Thai translation but @mtub may know more.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Most wonderful news. I suspected that this was the case, but trust and verify has become my management style.