Can’t instal QuickSubmit from Plug-in Gallery

Can’t instal QuickSubmit from Plug-in Gallery

We are trying to install QuickSubmit on our OJS server running

If we try to install from the plug-in gallery we get “Could not copy plugin to destination!” And this error message:

“[01-Mar-2023 18:43:04 UTC] PHP Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /var/www/html/lib/pkp/classes/file/ on line 312”

This seems to be a permission issue but I would appreciate guidance on what need to be opened to whom. Thanks!


Eric T. Gadsby

Hi @egadsby,

Does it show up under Tools → Import/Export?

PKP Team

@rcgillis it does now. I had to grant write permissions to the plug-in’s directory

sudo chown -R apache plugins/ (I was already in var/www/html/)

Now I could install and use the plug-in. Thanks!

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