Can OPS be integrated within OJS or it requires seperate installation?

Thank you for such wonderful open-source software. Is it possible to integrate OPS within OJS as a plugin? so that author’s database could be shared with a possibility of submission metadata migration (within preprints to and from Journals) like JMIR Preprints . Or it needs a completely separate installation?

Hi @aabahishti,

For the moment, these would need to be separate installations – but we are gradually integrating our separate workflows into a toolset that can handle various submission types. That’s a long-term goal and not something we’ll meet in the next year or two!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thanks @aabahishti and @asmecher I had a similar question:

Are tere already documented procedures or best practices to streamline and have a cosecutive workflow from OPS to existing OJS uploads.
I guess it makes sense to keep them separate, since both versions (preprint and VOR) will get their own doi. But can metadata etc be streamlined within the PKP platform and automatically linked between the two in some way?
or at minimum, is there a query for preprint doi within OJS?

Hi @johave,

We are working on this in a few stages. Our strategy for allowing content to be moved from OPS into OJS involves the use of the SWORD protocol via plugins. For OJS, there’s a SWORD Server Plugin that allows other systems to send content to OJS; for OPS, there’s a SWORD Plugin that allows OPS to send submissions to another SWORD-compliant service. The use of the two plugins together allow content to move from OPS into OJS.

Those plugins are both available now. For the future, we’ll be working to smooth the experience for users, so they don’t need to know about the technical particulars. And we’ll be adding tools to notify OPS when the article is eventually published in OJS. For now, it’s possible to enter an article’s final DOI into OPS so that readers will be able to access the published article, wherever it should happen to be.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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