Can only see the abstracts of published articles

I trust all’s well.
I’m using OJS for journal publication. Just published the maiden edition, however only the abstracts of the articles can be seen. Can you direct me as to how to make the entire articles available for download? I followed some of the earlier discussions inline with my request and realised that the payment details must be set even if it’s a complete public access journal. I’v configured the payment system but still can’t see a download option.

Thank you.

What option do you have selected in Journal Setup 4.1?

If open access, you should not need to setup payment details.

If requiring subscriptions, there will be additional configuration as you note above.

I thought payment configuration was mandatory even if the journal is complete open access - as directed by Asmecher

Could be, though I have never personally setup a payment configuration. Can you point to the original post?

Also, what option do you have selected in Journal Setup 4.1?

The journal will provide open access to its contents.

is that ok ctgraham?

Hmmm… that seems to me that is should work. Is anything selected under “Additional Site and Article Access Restrictions” in that same section?

Users must be registered and log in to view the journal site.
Users must be registered and log in to view open access content.

nothing selected under this section.

Hi @BernardAmpofo,

In the submissions’ Editing pages, have you uploaded the PDFs under the “Galleys” area?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

so what do you recommend on the configuration of the payment system even though it’s a complete open journal ?

secondly, do you mind running me through the steps involved in publishing an issue - maybe I missed a step.
Thank you.

Hi @BernardAmpofo,

You don’t need to configure a payment system if you’re running an open access publication. Did you check my suggestion above?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

can some one kindly give me the steps required to publish ?

I’m I supposed to do something at IMPORT/EXPORT DATA section?

Hello Alec,
No I did not upload PDFs under the "Galleys area in any of the editing processes

PDF files are not uploaded, This is the main reason, why you are unable to see a PDF and it’s download link, once you will do so, even uploading a PDF in galley editing , you will succeed, please try to read OJS’s study material thoroughly (easily available in internet), you will get a clear idea of each section and even how OJS works.

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Thank you John.
So do I have to delete the published issue and go through the process again or the PDFs can be added to the published issue ?


Yes I think you can add your PDF in your published edition as well, try to login as layout editor (If you have created any Layout editor) or login as EDITOR account. than In both cases go to your published article’s Layout section, there upload your PDF file and SAVE the file. (Read the Editor’s manual for layout editing if you have any confusions or for getting any idea). Now you are ready to see the changes,
I have tried this method in my localhost and was successful.
If nothing happens than republishing the same issue is always an open option, but for that you will have to start again from zero. Which is not good for you specially if your journal uses a subscription method.
So please try to upload your PDF in Layout section.

Thank you very much John. You’ve been very helpful.
I’m going to try it right away.
Thanks again.

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it worked - thank you so much.

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Thanks, bro. I am also an OJS user, and together let’s make this beautiful software easy for everyone.