Can OJS generated DOIs be enabled for only future issues - i.e., not archives?


Is it now possible to enable OJS generated DOIs for only future issues?

If so how do I do this? (One of our new journals already has their own DOIs for 2 (out of 7) issues in their archives) We don’t want OJS to assign any DOIs to their archives - only to future issues.

Any help would be great!

Many thanks,


Hi @ScottAbbott

Yes, it is possible, you will have to exclude those back issues: When DOI plugin is enabled and set u, you can go as editor to each back issue > issue data > and then press the button “Exclude Issue Objects”. This will mark all objects (articles, galleys, and supp files) currently scheduled for this issue for exclusion i.e. this will exclude them from assigning them a DOI.
The only problem it could occur is: if it takes to long to go through each issue, it could happen that a DOI is assigned in the meantime, if an user reads an article from that issue in the meantime. Thus, you could either maybe block/disable the access to the site for others or use the button “Clear Issue Objects DOI” on the issue data page as a precaution.
Also, on each object metadata form, there are checkboxes “Exclude this article from assigning it a DOI.” and “Select this checkbox to clear the existing DOI for this article.” – if you would like to consider it just for a specific object (articles, galleys, and supp files).


That’s great, thanks Bozana!