Can not find action button/click "Check Crossref DOIs" on “Crossref Reference Linking” plugin

Describe the issue or problem
Please tell us what happens and what you expected to happen.

I followed the instruction here

In step 3 above screenshot, I cannot find action button/click “Check Crossref DOIs”

What could it be a problem if I don’t see where to click “Check Crossref DOIs” on the Reference of Publication tab?

Steps I took leading up to the issue

Following the steps in the above doc url, I installed and enabled the “Crossref Reference Linking” plugin for the one of our journals, and here is my screen.

What application are you using?
For example, OJS 3.3.0-8

Additional information
This is multi-journals hosting environment. I watched for error during enabling the plugin but there was none so I assumed it was ok.

Thank you for any input, I will dig further if you can kindly point me.



I am having the same issue. Has anyone had success with installing this pluging and seeing the Check Crossref DOIs button appear?

Would appreciate a response!


We are seeing (or not seeing!) the same issue on multiple journals.

I thought it might be a problem with our version of PHP, where we’ve seen some problems in other plugins. But they were easy to track down as, when triggered, an obvious error message appeared in the logs.

But I’m not seeing any error_log activity when I go to the page where the button should appear, nor when I go to the plugin (and related) settings, etc, pages. For those other PHP related problems it was pretty clear at least where something was going wrong.

In the plugin source, I can see the button label and some related code. The rest of the plugin doesn’t seem to call it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t called indirectly by OJS. But that does make me wonder, does the button still work in the latest version of the plugin?

Crossref Reference Linking Plugin v1.0.2.1 released on 2021-03-27
PHP 8.0.28