Can I publish full text in the abstract section?

We would like users/readers of our journal to click on the title of a paper and to immediately see the whole paper - instead of having to click through to full text from the abstract page.

Would publishing the whole paper in the abstract page kick up any problems? Is this a good idea or will this stop some processes from being triggered?

Hi @Bridget,

Interesting. This would likely take modifying the codebase or a custom theme. Which version of OJS are you using (e.g. 3.3.0-8)?

PKP Team

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Hi everyone,

The main problem with this is that you’d be storing the full text of the article in the database, and all database fields have length limits. In this case the limit is 65 thousand characters. I suspect that most/all of your papers will be longer than that.



Thanks for your helpful comments, we are going to sit on this for now.

We have one “journal” that does exactly this (it’s rather a collection or database). @jnugent Thank you for pointing out this limit.

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